We run conferences and events for professionals working with young carers and their families across the country. We also provide bespoke training and support.

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Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) Champion Initial Training Conference

Over the course of the programme, the YCiF team will work directly with over 200 Young Carer Champions across England, as well as reaching out to all young carers across the country through Makewaves, a safe social networking site.

Champions will be supported to raise public awareness and promote positive attitudes towards young carers, family illness and disability and to influence local and national systems to deliver support through standardised identification, whole family assessment and services to reduce the number of families relying on children to provide inappropriate levels of care.

Champions start by attending one of the initial Champions Training Conference:

6pm on Friday 13th through to 5pm on Saturday 14th March 2015 at Hollowford Centre, Hope, Sheffield for all Northern based projects

(Please note, all accommodation, food, and travel are paid for by us for both the young people and staff member attending. This is a training event not an activity-based residential)

The Conference will include workshops and sessions to enable the Champions to not only build self-esteem and confidence but will equip them with skills around media, leadership, relaxation, and interviewing. We ask that a minimum of one project worker/service worker attend with their champions to support them.

If you have any young people aged 10-25 who you believe would benefit from becoming a young carers champion, and someone who is passionate about getting their voice heard then please let me know, Luella Moody, Participation Worker on 01962 711511 or email Luella.moody@childrenssociety.org.uk! We offer places for 3-4 champions per project/service as we require a geographical spread across England.

Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) Champion Specialist Weekends

We have two specialist weekends for Young Carer Champions coming up in October and November.
These weekends are open to all Year 3 Champions and to those Year 1 and 2 champions who couldn’t attend for the last year or two.
(Yr 1+2 champions- If you are unsure which events they attended last year, please don’t hesitate to ask.)

What is a ‘Specialist Weekend’?
As part of the continuing role of a Young Carer Champion for YCiF, champion/s are invited to attend further weekends that will focus on building different skills and knowledge to support them in your role.
These events are part of our ongoing weekends, and hub days that will take place regularly over the next couple of years covering a range of topics and in different areas across England. We are always happy to hear what other sessions or training champions would like to receive so get in touch if they have any ideas.
When are the next weekends?
Media and Interviewing weekend- November 7th-9th @ Hollowford centre, Hope valley, Derbyshire.
This Specialist Media weekend will allow Champions to experience journalism and digital media from both sides of the camera. The Children's Society media team will explain what to expect when dealing with the professional media and being interviewed. DigitalMe will be running sessions on interviewing and media making, giving Champions all the skills they need to plan, conduct, film and edit brilliant interviews.
Both these weekends, give champions more opportunities to complete their YCiF online skills badges.

How do I book?
If your champions are interested in attending one or both of these weekends, please contact us by Wednesday 9th September 2014, so we can add their name/s to the event list. We will then send you a booking and travel form to complete and return to us which will then confirm their place on the weekend.

As with all YCiF events, we pay for all accommodation, food and travel, and arrange the travel for you (Public transport)
We will require a project worker to accompany champions. Over 18’s may come unaccompanied if your risk assessments cover this as well as the individual young people feeling comfortable with this.

The weekends will be limited capacity and will be on a first come, first served basis. We have already had a lot of interest in these weekends, so please ensure you book as early as possible. 

How to attend an event

To register your interest or to request an invitation is sent to your manager or commission, please contact us.