The Young Carers Festivals, run by YMCA Fairthorne Manor in partnership with The Children’s Society, are part of the process of recognising, informing and consulting with young carers in order to better meet the needs of them and their families.

Since the first Young Carers Festival in 2000 when 600 young carers arrived at YMCA Fairthorne Manor in Hampshire, the festival has grown, with up to 1800 young carers now attending every year.

The festivals provide the young people with the opportunity to have fun, relax, socialise and have their voices heard about issues that affect them. The outcomes from participatory consultations inform future work and are communicated to the government.

Over the years, YMCA Fairthorne Manor, in partnership with The Children’s Society, have consulted with young people on a range of issues including education, health, social care and whole family support.


The 2016 Young Carers Festival - Book Now!

This year's festival is on 24-26 June at the YMCA Fairthorne Manor. The theme chosen for YCF 2016 is 'Young People First - Thinking about me'


Have your say!

Want to have your say about what activities are included in the 2016 Young Carers Festival?  Visit makewaves to add your ideas for the Voice Zone and the Chill Out Zone.


Fundraising for this year's festival?

We understand that many of you struggle to find funds to bring your young carers to the Young Carers Festival every June. So, we have put together a brief guide of top tips in how to raise money or apply for funding specifically for the festival. Whilst there may not be time for you to do this before 2016 Young Carers Festival, we hope that you find useful ideas to enable you to work towards bringing a group in the future.


Share travel costs to the festival

To cut back on travel costs, why don't you see who is travelling to the festival near you and share the travel.


Watch last year's video