YC Voices – Hampshire Young Carers Forum

One thing that they could do to help is to get the family together to find the major problems and work to sort them out.” (YC Voices 2010)


YC VoicesYC Voices Hampshire young carers forum, gives young carers from across Hampshire Young Carers Projects and Schools the opportunity to come together and make sure young carers voices are heard across Hampshire.

YC Voices 5 key messages to professionals for are: 

1. Teachers should be informed of who is a young carer in their class so that they can make    
     arrangements re coursework and homework.
2. Need to understand we need more 1:1 support in school and college.
3. We need social workers to listen to our needs and views and not to make up their own minds
4. Teachers should be taught about young carers as part of their training.
5. Health professionals should tell the young carer everything about the person they care for

“The time I felt helped was when my tutor asked me when I wanted to see her for help instead of saying I had to go at this time” Young Carer, YC Voices Hampshire Young Carers Forum 2010)


 “Sibling carers often have good knowledge and understanding of their siblings condition and care needs. Talk to us not just our parents.” (Young Carer, YC Voices Hampshire Young Carers Forum 2011)


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