Influencing Change Toolkit

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This toolkit has been put together by the Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) partnership.The toolkit includes a video and the Influencing Change Map. The resource includes information, templates, activities and quizzes designed to help you start an influencing change project safely and within the law in your local area.

In April 2015, the Care Act came into Law in the UK. This entitles young people who are taking on caring responsibilities to an asessment, meaning the local authority has a duty to consider the impact these responsibilities have on young carers, which is great news! Alongside this, the Children and Families Act 2015 new whole family approach means that local authorities must involve families and young carers in decisions affecting them.

These new changes mean that this is the perfect time to get involved and make sure the new law is being implemented in your area! We can already see examples of young people taking action to influence change in their local communities on the YCiF Network.

As well as improving the lives of young carers and their families, you can develop confidence and skills too, which can be recognised through the YCiF open badge scheme. Whether you want schools to have a better understanding of young carers and their needs, better support from GP’s, advice about taking care of your own well-being, or better facilities to enable your Young Carers’ Project to enjoy a well earned break - we hope the resource, video and map are informative and inspiring!


* Remember to get pledges on the Influencing Change Map to record activities being undertaken across England

* You can also nominate professionals in your area for a Young Carers Local Standard to celebrate the great work they are doing locally