Actively Seeking

During our Prevention through Partnership days we have asked delegates to consider issues and solutions regarding identification of families where children are at risk of / are taking on inappropriate caring roles; especially in families affected by parental substance misuse, mental ill health or imprisonment.

Prompts and questions used on the day were taken from Signposts: Working together to improve outcomes for young carers in families affected by enduring parental mental illness or substance misuse

Engaging and Supporting

Engaging and Supporting required delegates to think about the range of services currently in place and how they are engaging and responding to whole family support needs. 

Sharing the Load

In our final prompted table discussion, delegates were asked to think about identifying key partners, barriers and opportunities within the context of local services.

Our Plans

At the end of our capacity building days, the attendees from each local authority draw up a plan on everything they've discussed and will look at taking these forward. We have compiled these in to one exemplar:

Good Practice Examples

Over the 17 events we ran nationally, we asked delegates to tell us what good practice they were doing, here are a few examples:

Friends Child and Parent Family


Training Young Carers
Kidstime & Teentalk
Peer Mentoring - School


Adult Services - Identify
CAF as Identification
Pre-Birth CAF

Whole Family Support

Trouble Families Agenda
Mental Health Support Worker
IMPACT programme
Family Group Conference
Holding Families


A representative from the Department for Education spoke at many of our events in regard to what the Department for Education were doing to support the work.

Mandy Bell from Gloucestershire Young Carers spoke at our first event about Integrated Interventions: a partnership approach to developing systems for whole family support in mental health services

Sue Tyler from Central Bedfordshire Council spoke at our Central Bedfordshire Event around Substance Misuse in Families: Our Story

We also heard from Ben White from Harrow Young Carers on their Innovation Work

Colette O’Brien and Carol Bernard spoke about Thinking Family in Liverpool at our Liverpool Event

At our York event we heard from Tracey Hamilton & Tracey Harrison from Eastern Ravens and Adult Drug Treatment Agency (CRI) around Crime Reduction Initiatives. James has also recorded a short video available at the bottom of the page.

We also heard from James Ronicle from York Consulting who talks about Overcoming Barriers to Whole Family Working

Wendy Nicholson spoke at the Birmingham PTP event on Getting it right for children and families. Maximising the school nursing team contribution

At our second London event Kate Dudley from Kingston Carers’ Network came to talk about the Integrated Intervention Site Money they received from the Carers Trust, Integrated Interventions Supporting Young Carers through improving partnership working

At our third London Event Mubin Choudhury from Off the Record - Croydon spoke about their Integrated Intervention; Off The Record’s Young Carers Project (YCP) & Croydon Council’s Integrated Youth Support Service (IYSS)