Schools Toolkit

The important role that schools can play in the early identification of young people with additional support needs has been highlighted by young people and guidance over the years.

When a child is at risk of taking on a caring role, specifically when they are affected by a parents substance misuse or mental ill health, early intervention and joint working by schools can provide valuable support.

The Local Memorandum of Understanding ‌(2012) provides a list of recommended actions for schools including:

  • Have a named staff member with lead responsibility for young carers and to recognise this role within continuing professional development.
  • Have in place a policy to encourage practice that identifies and supports young carers.Schools Pack Quote 1
  • Promote open communication with families that supports parenting capacity and encourages the sharing of information.
  • Raise awareness about young carers and promote understanding of the caring issues that will touch all families at some point; linking with other agencies as appropriate
  • Ensure the provision of personalised and effective school-based support that incorporates the principles of awareness, inclusion, understanding and support for young carers to achieve their full potential.Schools Pack Quote 2
  • Include positive messages and images about people with disabilities; including, mental ill health within the wider school curriculum.
  • Consider and where reasonably practicable take action to remove barriers to physical access and communication and promote inclusion.
  • Be sensitive to cultural and religious needs.

Below are some resources and tools to support inclusion:


Schools Pack Quote 3

The Children’s Society MyLife4Schools website:‌ 

A free Key Stage 2 (KS2) PSHE and Citizenship teaching resource
The Children’s Society and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers Schools Resources Pack:

A Healthy Schools young carers e-learning module is now available to help school staff who work with young carers:

Link to Schools Information leaflet / Substance misuse schools leaflet

Downloadable schools notice board pack available from our Professional Resources Section

Message for Education Professional Card