Young Carers in Schools Programme

Visit the main Young Carers in Schools Programme website to find out more about gaining a Young Carers Award, accessing the step by step guide of tools and resources to support effective implementation; accessing training, peer support and information sharing through regional networks; and make you pledge to support young carers in schools.

Building, sharing and recognising young carers support in schools

Young Carers in Schools is an innovative programme currently being rolled out with teachers and school professions in 16 Early Implementation Sites to meet the needs of young carers while they are at school.

The national programme of training and accreditation is run jointly by The Children’s Society, Carers Trust and Young Carers in Focus partners. The initiative is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and The Queen’s Trust.

Young carers are a vulnerable and disadvantaged group who often experience difficulties in education and therefore do not achieve their potential. If unidentified and unsupported their caring roles can seriously affect their future wellbeing, life chances and levels of aspiration.

Early Implementation Site (EIS)

The Young Carers in Schools Programme is currently working within 16 areas across the country for the next academic year.  Each of these Early Implementation Sites is working with at least 5 schools from within their area. These schools will have the opportunity to be the first to implement the Young Carers in Schools: A Step-by-step Guide for school leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff, and apply to gain a Young Carers Award for the work being undertaken.

Named schools in Early Implementation sites piloting and consulting on the Step-by-step Guide and be able to apply for a Young Carers Award. Schools will also have access to expert regional networks, bringing together schools, young carer services and health and social care professionals to share expertise and access training.

We will also work with one school from within each area as a ‘Trailblazer school’ who will play a crucial role in gathering and showcasing vital evidence to demonstrate the programme’s impact on outcomes for young carers. 

Young Carers in School EIS Diagram

Fg.1. model of phased development of the Young Carers in Schools Programme. 

Further information

As an area/schools outside of the EIS’s you will be able to access the Step by Step guide and Young Carers Award criteria after initial consultation and redraft form this phase in Spring 2015. 

You will also be able to access regionals networks, hosted by EIS, in your area and gain knowledge and good practice examples by signing up to receive the termly newsletter.

Register your interest in receiving further information about these opportunities.

The Children’s Society, Carers Trust and Young Carers in Focus (a collaboration of Rethink Mental Illness, YMCA Fairthorne Group, Digital Me and The Fatherhood Institute) have joined forces to run a national programme to equip schools to support young carers and award effective practice.

Young Carers in Focus is funded by the Big Lottery and led by The Children’s Society in partnership with Rethink Mental Illness, YMCA Fairthorne Group, Digital Me and The Fatherhood Institute. It also hosts a safe national social network for young carers via Makewaves:

Carers Trust is funded by The Queen’s Trust to achieve greater and more consistent identification and support for young carers in schools across England and improve access to qualified one to one support through

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