Big Lottery Funded

Giving young carers a voice    

Young Carers in Focus (YCiF) was an exciting four-year programme running from July 2012 through to July 2016.  It gave young carers a chance to communicate, share their stories and advocate for the things that matter most to them.

Funded by a Youth in Focus grant from the Big Lottery Fund, YCiF it created a national network led by 200 young carer ‘champions’ aged 10-25.

Young people taking part are received training and skills which will improve their resilience, confidence, skills and knowledge. Find out more about our events.

The aim was to increase their well-being and future employment, training and education- particularly during transitional stages, and as they move towards independence.

YCIF also worked with Champions to raise public awareness and promote positive attitudes towards young carers, family illness and disability and to influence local and national systems to deliver support through standardised identification, whole family assessment and services to reduce the number of families relying on children to provide inappropriate levels of care.

Evaluation Report of Young Carers in Focus Champions - what have we found out?


A range of videos created and arranged by the young people can be found on our Youtube channel

Young Carers in Focus was delivered by The Children's Society, Stars National Initiative, DigitalME, YMCA Fairthorne Group, Rethink Mental Illness and The Fatherhood Institute 



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