Young Carers in Schools Award

The Young Carers in Schools Award consists of five separate Standards

To gain your Award, please show us that your school adheres to these five Young Carers Standards:

1. UNDERSTAND There are assigned members of staff with responsibility for understanding and addressing young carers needs.
2. INFORM Awareness is raised by sharing knowledge about disability, illness and young carers throughout the school.
3. IDENTIFY Young carers are being identified within your school.
4. LISTEN They are listened to, consulted with and given time and space to talk.
5. SUPPORT Young carers are supported within the school, and signposted to whole family resources and services outside the school.

To qualify for an award, you must supply evidence to show how your school is implementing each Standard up to the level you hope to achieve (eg to achieve silver, evidence should be submitted for bronze and silver for each Standard).

Our Young Carers in School Awards Guidance can help you with your application.

Many schools already have effective practice in place to support young carers, however a suite of practical tools designed to make it as easy as possible for schools to meet these standards and identify and support young carers effectively, are provided in Supporting Young Carers in Schools: A Step-by-step Guide for Leaders, Teachers and Non-teaching Staff . Throughout the guidance links to the relevant steps are provided. 

Supporting You

As part of a range of tools designed to support schools through the award process, a webinar has been recorded in order to help clarify some of the evidence we ask for.

Alongside this webinar, it is recommended that you download the Top Tips document.



We all know that protecting the confidentiality of the young people with whom we work is of the utmost importance, however sometimes it can be difficult to know when it is okay to share information, and when it is not appropriate.

We would like to remind anyone applying for a Young Carers in Schools Award that applications are sent to independent verifiers selected from a multi-agency panel, and as such we ask all applicants to be aware of data protection guidlines when sharing information in applications.

When submitting your evidence, please ensure that young people cannot be identified - for example by removing or blacking out surnames on a list, or if submitting a case study as part of your application, referring to the young person(s) by their initial(s). We would also ask that you consider the ways in which your school circulates the names of its young carers: it is wonderful to have all school staff working together to support young carers, but this information must be shared sensitively; for example, via face-to-face discussions or email, rather than messages and lists placed on a staff-room noticeboard, which may be accessible to other students or visitors.

Local Awards

We are currently working alongside some areas that have established local awards for schools.

If you are a school based in one of the below areas please email us at and we will put you in contact with your area's Local Schools Co-coordinator for additional support:

  • Oxfordshire
  • Swindon